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PIETY Surfboards - Wavefarer
PIETY Surfboards - Wavefarer
PIETY Surfboards - Wavefarer
PIETY Surfboards - Wavefarer

The most versatile high-performance shortboard in our range, equally capable in waist to overhead surf. Features lower entry rocker for improved paddle/plane and a forward wide point for a shorter, curvier forward outline to tighten up the turning radius. Recommended with EPS/Epoxy construction and corrugated  1/16” cedar stringer for greater strength & drive through the mid-section and increased flex through the nose & tail.

ROCKER: Relaxed entry rocker with medium rocker throughout

RAILS: Medium-low profile for performance turns without catching

CONCAVE: Single concave throughout directs water thru the fins with vee out the tail adding curve to the rail line for high-scoring maneuverability

FIN SETUP: Thruster

RECOMMENDED CONSTRUCTION: EPS/Epoxy with corrugated cedar stringer

FEATURED BOARD DIMENSIONS: 5'10" x 18 3/4" x 2 1/4" | 26.5L



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