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PIETY Surfboards - Speed Wagon
PIETY Surfboards - Speed Wagon
PIETY Surfboards - Speed Wagon
PIETY Surfboards - Speed Wagon
Speed Wagon

A short-nosed step-up for pocket surfing the overhead stuff. Inspired by the solid winter swells and famed right-hand point-breaks of the Victorian coast, the SPEED WAGON is designed to deliver the paddle and holding power of a step-up with the maneuverability and acceleration of a shorter board. The tail maintains an elongated rail line, increased rocker and forward fin placement for the back-end confidence of a step-up.  A curvier forward outline fits into hollow waves steeper & deeper; allowing tighter more critical arcs and down the line adjustments that only a shorter board can achieve.

ROCKER: Low entry rocker for instant speed, medium exit rocker for balance of drive and release in larger surf.

RAIL: Medium-low rail for confident critical lines.

CONCAVE: Moderate single to double to vee for control at speed.

FIN SETUP: 5-fin configuration for maximum versatility. The quad rears are set back and towards the centerline delivering the drive of a traditional quad setup with the release of a thruster.


FEATURED BOARD DIMENSIONS: 6’3” x 19” x 2 1/2” | 32.2L



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