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PIETY Surfboards - Push
PIETY Surfboards - Push
PIETY Surfboards - Push
PIETY Surfboards - Push
PIETY Surfboards - Push

PIETY’s skate deck inspired collaborative brainchild with Natas Kaupas.  It combines a stubby directional outline (a la 80′s skate deck) with a low rocker profile, subtle forward planning hull and exagerated vee out the tail for a ride that is lightening fast and surprisingly responsive. The flat deck is exactly that, and the flared tail outline helps hold the face for greater control at top speeds. The PUSH is ridden exclusively with hand shaped skate deck keel fins for extra stylish rail turns and conversation fodder. Ideal for having fun.

ROCKER: Continuous low rocker throughout

RAILS: Full chimed rail

CONCAVE: Single concave to vee through hull; double concave on deck

FIN SETUP: Up-cycled skate deck twin keels pushed back


FEATURED BOARD DIMENSIONS: 5'3" x 20 3/8" x 2 3/8" | 33.5L



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