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PIETY Surfboards - Crazy Pill
PIETY Surfboards - Crazy Pill
PIETY Surfboards - Crazy Pill

A highly versatile shape that holds its own in a range of conditions from average beach breaks to bowly down the line surf. A low rocker profile gives the FASTBACK plenty of glide and acceleration for the small stuff, yet the elliptical outline is ideally suited for smooth and controlled turns in critical overhead conditions. Bonus forward width makes the FASTBACK an ease to paddle and delivers quick acceleration when driving off the front foot.

ROCKER: Continuous low rocker throughout

RAIL: Medium-low profile for a sensitive and responsive feel.

CONCAVE: Moderate vee at the nose, single to double to vee thru the tail for a balance of speed and flow

FIN SETUP: 5-fin configuration for quad or thruster versatility

RECOMMENDED CONSTRUCTION: PU, EPS/Epoxy or Varial Stringerless

FEATURED BOARD DIMENSIONS: 6'2" x 21" x 2 7/8" | 40.5L



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