O Canada!

At 6’2 its almost too large to classify as a ‘mini’ Simmons. Nonetheless, thing’s gorgeous in no small part to the illustrated handiwork of WiSE. Seeing as this beaut will end its migratory journey north in the exotic reaches of Calgary, Alberta, Canada it was only suiting that we paint a big ol’ salmon swimming through a pine forest to help it feel at home. The board is going to a legend of a Canuck who has been a lot of fun to work with thru the concept and design of this board. And seeing that he resides in a landlocked region where one is more likely to find coyote gloves & beaver pelts than moving water to stand on, this trophy fish is scheduled to make her maiden voyage on the Basque Coast of Spain this coming Easter.


Featured Model: Mini Simmons 6’2” x 21.5” x 2 7/8” with cream opaque resin pigment, clear smoke True Ames twin keels and custom illustration courtesy of WiSE.

PIETY x wise 
maiden voyage - BASQUE COUNTRY, SPAIN.