I want to be a cowboy – SIA twin fin

I want to be a Cowboy

I got to be a Cowboy.

I’m born to be a Cowboy.

I want to be a Cowboy.

A Cowboy! Uh-huh!


Cowboy look is the one I sought with this here Summer in Abandon twin fin, and she’s coming up aces with her dragged out boot cut denim and gang neutral topaz bandana inlays. We recon she’ll get a wiggle on with a moderate forward hull to pronounced vee thru the haunches. Complete with removable fiberglass Futures twin fin setup, she’s sure to kick up a row on the dude ranch for a hog-killin’ good time.

This one’s off to the auction  block to benefit Surfer’s Healing. Check out www.surfershealing.org to get involved and learn more about their work to improve the lives of children with autism through surfing!



To be a true cowboy was my fate.

I can’t help it if I was born late.


(I couldn’t make it as a punker.)


Featured Model:

6’0” x 20 1/2” x 2 1/2” (18 hands x 5 hands x .3 hands) Summer in Abandon twin fin

with denim/bandana inlay and removable fiberglass Futures twin fin setup.